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Maayan Shtal

Maayan Shtal is an American-Israeli Public Speaker and Advocate in the area of Parental Alienation 


Maayan Shtal came to the U.S on December 24, 1994. Her goal was to study English for 6 months, and then return to Israel. Instead, her life took a different turn. She met the father of her children and established her family life and a very successful family business. 


In 2010, her family that included four amazing children brokedown. This is when her journey with parental alienation began.  


Maayan has not only survived the gaslighting, mental, emotional  and monetary abuse of PA, she has also had to endure the loss of her two eldest daughters as a result of the alienation caused by their father. Maayan found the strength to strive and is using this horrific situation to raise public awareness and actively work to change and improve the system and situation for other targeted parents.  “Evil thrives when the good are silent” is one of Maayan’s public speaking lectures to bring awareness to national and international audiences. 

Parental Alienation is:

a form of emotional aggression and intimate terrorism & is Child Abuse 



Parental alienation is the psychological manipulation of a child by saying and doing things that lead the child to look unfavorably toward one parent or the other. In essence, parental alienation is brainwashing -- instilling false memories and changing the brain DNA of the child. 


This manipulation can be done both consciously and unconsciously. PA robs the targeted parents of their natural parental rights, leaving them emotionally numb. The children suffer as well, growing up to become emotionally and mentally disturbed adults. 


Parental alienation is a very common practice that has been used in a court for many years in order to take advantage and reduce or eliminate support as well as a power control over the targeted parent. 


My life’s mission is to raise awareness of parental alienation and put an end to the painful and horrific damage and suffering it causes.  As an alienated mother, myself, for too many years, I have been on a rollercoaster of emotions, juggling mental and physical challenges, legal and social services.  I have accumulated a vast amount of firsthand experience working with others affected by PA through support groups, conferences and seminars. 


I pray and hope that the abusive and destructive cycle of Parent Alienation will soon end, and that future generations will be protected from its negative and lasting effects. If you would like to have a better understanding of Parental Alienation or would like to inspire your community to know more, please contact me through my personal Email: As many have said, evil thrives when good people stay silent.  Let's not be silent anymore!

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