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  • There are plenty of MeetUp Groups - search in your area.


  • Family Access Fighting for Children's Rights offers free monthly calls and additional support resources.

  •  contains...

    • Parental Alienation Database A large bibliography regarding parental alienation has been jointly developed by PASG and the Eskind Biomedical Library of Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  

    • Online Parental Alienation Education:  Together with the National Coalition Against Parental Alienation (NCAPA), the Parental Alienation Study Group offers two online courses regarding parental alienation – at no cost to the participants.  

  • Turning Points for Families Treatment Programs

    • ​Do not expect results from counselors outside their expertise; most family therapists are foreign to parental alienation.  Therapists are trained to see things 50-50, but alienation is an exception to the rule because it is child abuse. Ensure your therapist sees things systemically and that the child is reacting to the parents.

    • Family is a system. We are always acting upon and reacting to each other.  You would NOT want to put an alienated child in individual therapy.  People don’t change from words, they change from actions.

    • Severe alienators suffer from personality disorders.  Therapists must be trained in family dynamics and familiar with parental alienation being the exception to the rule. 

    • Linda Gottlieb can give this guidance to other therapists.  Turning Points: 516-660-7222

  • Parental Alienation from the perspective of a child who lived through it:  


Below is a link to another valuable resource and information site - check it out!

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