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"Lisa Baker has created music that makes people want to live.  Her music has power and purpose and matters."                              

Bill "the Buddha" Dickens

Award Winning Bassist


Lisa Baker

Lisa Baker is an American Singer-Songwriter with heartfelt stories from being an Alienated  Mom


Music is a second language. Like many genres of art, music touches a vocabulary of feeling. Raw, harsh, mellow, instructive, music tells a heartfelt story with the artist magically moving people without ever touching them.

Lisa does that. a survivor of Parental Alienation, Lisa suffered confused and shamed, believing she was a ‘Bad Mom’ when it wasn’t her at all.  Imagine a child being given permission to break the heart of the other, whether purposefully or not. Most people believe if there’s smoke there must be a fire. This manipulation is powerful, disrupting and destroying critical family bonds.  At any age, this type of manipulation derails emotional growth and normalcy. A scar forms. Surviving is one outcome; scarring is another. Living with all the outcomes of PA creates pain themed stories.  Putting that to music is a gift to aid the bruised inner self. An expression felt one soul to another.

Lisa Baker does that. Over and over again she has created messages communicated through her art. Song, lyric, tune, tempo and dynamics with dynamic guitar solos, music speaks from deep inside the creator to the audience of one or many. The driver is embraced and present in her work.

Lisa lends her support to other survivors of PA at their conferences and workshops. Because alienation affects most families globally, when she shares her personal story in artistic forms audiences get it.  Soloing alongside music greats like Victor Wooten, Bill Dickens, Oteil Burbridge and others Lisa has proven herself ‘one of the boys.’ Baker shows both men and women what it looks and sounds like to hear a woman weld a fiery solo.  Solo or group gigs from festivals to conferences to clubs all fit Baker well.  By expressing her pain and helping others do the same, Lisa finds answers to live her life fully.

Baker comes to us with CDs, long associations with great artists, a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Masters in Music (Jazz Guitar), a teacher of new talent, and a mentor to artists building their careers. And a long list of songs, most recently “Black Sheep” and “Key to My Heart,” both produced by Bill Dickens and available for sale at and

More songs are ready for production. Just waiting to be told to audiences near and far.


GSafford, Oct 2019

About Lisa

September 26, 2019


Our lives are personal stories personally created day by day, hour by hour. Experience comes from this, from the struggle, and from loves present and past. Family life when child or adult. We come to know the world through discovery of pain and joy. Many are conjoined adding confusion and tension. Music emerges from this threaded fabric of time. Both tunes and lyrics erupt from the mosh to pull at our feelings, our intellect. The message is there. In our music. In our speech. In our dreams.

A survivor of PA – parental alienation – Lisa draws from many depths to tell her story.

More than the blonde Californian stereotype, Lisa is the smart image of female guitarist, song writer, composer, lyricist, all rolled into one beautiful package. With a bachelor’s in Psychology from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California, she went on to be the first female at Northern Illinois University to earn a Master’s degree in Guitar.

Her 2002 CD – Song For A New Day – Baker took on multiple roles as producer, composer, singer and guitarist. Her gifts of improvisation are demonstrated with Grammy  winning Oteil Burbride and Victor Wooten, as well as Derico Watson (SMV), Regi, Wooten (Victor) and Joseph Wooten (Steve Miller), putting her in a category all of her own. She stands out in her ability to fuse guitar prowess with original singer-songwriter compositions.

A resident of Wheaton, Illinois, she does performing clinics, solo performances, and joint work with Award Winning/Grammy Nominated Bassist/Producer Bill ‘The Buddha’ Dickens. Lisa also works festivals with her own band.

An avid composer, painter and educator, Baker teaches guitar, ukulele and lectures on women in the music business for over 22 years. “Key to My Heart: and “Black Sheep” are two of her newer compositions. New releases are coming soon.

Lisa is available to play for conferences and music festivals. Check her out at, Facebook: Lessons with Lisa, and under her own name for more information.

GSafford, September 26, 2019

For booking information email:


the first female to graduate Northern Illinois University with a Masters in Guitar

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